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"5 Benefits for Finding Your Flow on the Pottery Wheel"

I've been asked a lot in recent months which I prefer: playing with clay or making jewellery. A year or two ago, I may have said making jewellery; however, I've recently started answering the question by sharing my love of pottery. This answer is almost always met with a second question: "What is it about making pottery that you love so much?" Flow. The answer I give is always about the freedom that comes with falling into flow at the wheel.

So what is "flow" and how do I know if I've found it?

Flow is that moment you find yourself completely absorbed in your task. Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in what you're working on that you look up at the clock to discover several hours have gone by and you haven't even noticed? You likely entered a state of flow.

lindsey at the pottery wheel

Flow state, for me, is almost like a feeling of fluidity between your mind and your body. Your senses become heightened, the outside world slinks away, and your focus is solely on your task. This, to me, is how I feel when I reach a state of flow on the pottery wheel.

The importance of finding flow and staying present

There are SO MANY health benefits that come along with staying in the moment while simultaneously retreating into flow. When you find yourself focused on an activity you're passionate about, the chatter in your mind recedes and this can lead to a feeling of calm. All those worries that have been plaguing you disappear and you can truly stay present. How many times have you tired to enjoy a book, a conversation, an evening out, but you can't truly let go of your thoughts? This can also include body aches and pains or feelings of fatigue.

When you find flow in an activity you excel at, you'll likely find yourself feeling ecstatic, motivated and fulfilled.

Other benefits include:

  1. Higher calibre of work

  2. Freedom of creativity and expression

  3. Clearer thinking & brainstorming

  4. Happiness

  5. A little hit of dopamine

So how can I find flow?

Find an activity you're truly passionate about. The task needs to be challenging enough that you're focused on it, but not too hard that you'll get frustrated and want to give up. Ideally, this activity should be something you're good at. Find a peaceful place to practice in during your favourite time of day and just let go. When you surrender to the moment, you'll find your flow.

lindsey at the pottery wheel

At Love & Light Earthware, we make small batch pottery and jewellery. Every item created has been mindfully made—usually in a state of flow—with the intention that each piece serves the highest good of others. Because we only create small batches at a time, each piece is truly unique.

I truly hope you find your flow in whatever you do. There is no better feeling than finding your passion, surrendering to the moment, and letting your creativity and imagination lead the way.

In love & light,


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