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Meet the soul behind love & light earthware

Meet Lindsey, the maker behind Love and Light Earthware

I’ve always wondered why I was born into this world. When I was younger, I’d spend hours contemplating my purpose on earth and what I’d be remembered for long after I left. I'd daydream and write short stories about my life's work; however, I never felt compelled to take any other action on these thoughts.


It wasn’t until I met my husband when I was in my mid 20s that my soul ignited, and I felt called to dive deep and really explore my purpose on earth. I had an almost out-of-body experience when we met, and it was then that I knew my life was headed in the right direction. Some would call us soul mates, but I know it runs deeper than that. Our connection fuelled my spiritual fire and led me to where I needed to be to start looking for answers to those important life questions.


Since our initial meeting and the beginning of our epic love story, I’ve spent the last decade diving into the beauty and wonder of souls, especially my own. That journey has led me to many creative adventures, including crystals and ceramics. After spending time earning my Crystal Reiki Master certification, attending community art classes and growing my skills, I knew I wanted to share my creations with the community around me.


With the intention of serving the highest good of others, as well as my own, I started creating mindful jewelry and earthware. As I create, I keep envisioning even more ways to bring love, light, joy and the spiritual world into the lives others.


This has become my passion and my purpose.


From pottery to crystal jewelry, I bring you Love & Light Earthware located in the beautiful Okanagan. I hope you find what you’ve been looking for, and may it serve your highest good and set your soul on fire.


In love and light,


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